How do I request my data?

The majority of your data can be accessed instantly online through your Amazon account by clicking on the 'Your Account' tab. From Your Account, you can also modify or update your personal information at your convenience.

For more information on how to view and manage your data, see our Help pages.

To access personal data that is not available instantly online through Your Account or in your device (e.g. your search history) or to tell us more about your privacy issue, please contact us:

  1. Go to Data Privacy Queries.
  2. Select 'Data privacy queries' from the available drop downs
    • If you'd like your data to be sent to you, choose 'Request data file to be sent at a later date' and then select the information you'd like us to send (e.g. Kindle data).
    • If you'd like to see you data instantly available to you, choose 'View available data now'. You'll then be shown the data available to you and where you can find it.

To access your data instantly through Your Account, please follow the links below:

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